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David Chelimsky dchelimsky at gmail.com
Sat Feb 28 13:38:20 EST 2009

On Sat, Feb 28, 2009 at 11:52 AM, Chris Flipse <cflipse at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've been going back over some legacy code, backfilling tests, and I'm
> encountering something that is causing no small amount of pain.  This is in
> a mature Rails app, that's  lived and migrated from 1.1 through to 2.1, so
> there's a lot of ancient cruft built up in the corners that I've been trying
> to clean up.
> My question/pain point revolves around authorization.  In at least two
> different models in the system  -- areas that are core to the functionality
> -- there are models that run through a state transition.  Only certain users
> are allowed to make those transitions, however.  You're basic "only an admin
> can publish an article" kind of restrictions.
> These models show up across most of the app -- several different
> controllers.  As such, long, long ago, someone patched updated the site
> authentication code to assign a User.current singleton inside the
> login_required filter.

Unless I'm missing something, this seems like the problem is wider
than testability.

Let's say I log in. Right now I am User.current. Now you log in, and
become User.current. Now I got to view some resource that I am not
permitted to see, but I get to see it because you are permitted and
YOU are the User.current.

Am I missing something?

> This is then used by several models, sometimes to
> populate an updated_by stamp, sometimes it's actually used within a models
> validations(!), and it's definately used within some of the state-transition
> guards.
> Now, this is really just a global variable by another name, and it's pretty
> well embedded after two years.  I've come upon a whole bunch of different
> pain points in trying to setup data (real data) within the cucumber steps
> I've been backfilling.  Lacking any support of injection, I end up doing a
> lot of juggling of the User.current value, just to get some test data built
> and in the right set of states ... and while I can bury the temporary
> reassignments necessary inside a block, it still feels like it's an
> intractable mess.
> I know *why* this was originally done -- to avoid having to pass User
> objects around all the time, and it does _appear_ to keep the API clean --
> but the hidden dependancy isn't really clean.
> So, does anyone have any suggestions of how to easily manage model level
> user authorization?
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