[rspec-users] A silent cucumber?

James Byrne lists at ruby-forum.com
Thu Feb 26 13:57:42 EST 2009

I believe that what I am trying to do should be possible, but I cannot
seem to find the right combination of switches to get cucumber to run
silently and only print the failing and pending steps.  I do not have a
cucumber.yml file

I have tried the following (from the project root):

$ cucumber -q
0 scenarios

If I run rake features then I have 29 scenarios.

$ cucumber -q features
29 scenarios
29 steps failed
125 steps skipped
22 steps pending (22 with no step definition)

If I run rake features then 172 steps pass 3 are skipped and 1 is

$ cucumber -q -r features features
Pending Notes:
And /entity named "(.*)" (is|is not) an? "(.*)"/ (TODO) #

29 scenarios
172 steps passed
3 steps skipped
1 step pending

Close, but I still see all of the feature scenarios and steps, just not
the files that they come from.

Is there a way to only display the step detail for feature scenarios
that contain failing or pending steps?
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