[rspec-users] [cucumber] Cucumber and CI

Kero van Gelder kero at chello.nl
Tue Feb 24 17:58:58 EST 2009

> > I find pushing last thing at night even more bizarre to be honest :/
> > If you're are going home, it seems reasonable that other people might
> > be, ergo there won't be many more changes made (an assumption
> > granted). Also, if they are going to continue to work and make
> > changes, why force them to merge a
> > broken/half-done/possibly-to-be-completely-redone later commit. Makes
> > no sense to me :/
> I think that's because you're assuming that there's just one active
> thread of code.  If you're not pushing to the *integration* branch,
> you're not forcing anyone to do anything.  You can push your own
> in-progress development branch to the server (in SVN, in Git, in
> anything that supports branches at all) just to have it someplace
> other than your own machine, and that imposes no cost on anyone else.
> I do it all the time just to be paranoid.  "My laptop might get
> stolen" is a perfectly sensible reason to take three seconds before
> closing the lid.  Or "My place might burn down," or "I might get hit
> by that bus I was waiting for," or "I might have an epiphany and quit
> my job tomorrow morning to become a chess grandmaster," or even just
> "I wonder if my manager would like to look at my functional and
> elegant code."  (In some places it might even be "I'd better prove to
> my manager that I did something today.")

If you don't show up for the next 6 weeks or not at all,
that last hour of work of you is not going to matter to anyone. Really.

If you *do* show up you're likely worrying too much about the lost
hardware, or your lost house.

I'd say the only person I'd commit unfinished code for, is myself.
Which means I don't do it at the end of the day, but that should not
prevent you from doing it.

> In any case: pushing to the team's main VCS repository may be a
> necessary step for integration, but it doesn't mean every push has to
> trigger an integration.  Not if you've created a consistent and
> well-understood culture of branching.

I'm trying to get that culture going :) The understanding is tough...
With the main problem being that most of the co-devs are not
software engineers. So I'll do the merging of their branches with
the master (they do hg branch and hg push, I do hg pull, hg merge and hg push).

But I got them to use cucumber! I have to help
a lot, of course, but that's a price i'm willing to pay.

How can I change the world if I can't even change myself?
  -- Faithless, Salva Mea

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