[rspec-users] [cucumber] Cucumber and CI

Kero van Gelder kero at chello.nl
Tue Feb 24 17:13:13 EST 2009

>> yeah, you guys are probably right on this. I was just over stating. :)
> Ah, but Waterfall is indeed like the Emissaries of the Shadow. If you 
> defeat one of them, in one form, another one will always appear, take 
> shape, and grow...
> I myself have heard well-meaning product managers say "When we go for the 
> rewrite, we are going to make sure we specify each feature, first, before 
> coding them!" They said that because the last effort - code-and-fix - had 
> grown until it died under the weight of its cruft. They perceived their 
> inability to safely request new features as evidence that they did not 
> specify enough, up-front.

If you redo a product, you have learned what it should look like.
Thus, you can specify much more in advance. Nothing wrong with that,
it came out of the feedback loops.

I'm curious, do you really expect them to go for a rewrite?

> These managers knew better than to use classic Waterfall, but they still 
> didn't understand that Big Requirements Up Front is essentially 
> Waterfall's worst aspect. And so they re-invented Waterfall, yet again, 
> in yet another form.

That's because they still have not learned that in order to manage
uncertainty, you have to acknowledge that there is uncertainty, first.

Which is not to say I'm doing a good job at explaining that to my customer, yet :(

How can I change the world if I can't even change myself?
  -- Faithless, Salva Mea

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