[rspec-users] Cucumber Feature Scenario critique

James Byrne lists at ruby-forum.com
Tue Feb 24 10:11:31 EST 2009

Stephen Eley wrote:

> Thanks, James.  But at the moment I have no need for that level of
> overhead.  Gantt charts are an anti-feature for me.  I'm effective
> enough with my index cards and thumbtacks.  >8->

I am sorry that I did not make myself clearer.  Redmine is far more than 
a project management tool.  It is in fact a rather sophisticated, if 
limited, content management tool that supports PostgreSQL as its back 
end.  I was suggesting it as a potential candidate for your proposed 
service to your end users.

Redmine handles multiple projects and and allows multiple project 
specific roles for an individual (for example, a single user may be 
manager of one whilst only a member of another).  You wrote of having 
contributors post material and then maintain it. Well, a contributor 
could be given their own "project".  This at a stroke, provides them 
with a project wiki, public and private user forums, a file repository 
and a notice board.  There is no need to have or to use issue tickets, 
work flows, milestones or gantt charts at all.  On the other hand, some 
collaborative efforts, or even a major monograph, just might find such 
tools very useful indeed.

Redmine ties into git very, very well. The combination of the two could 
provide a very thorough solution to the issue of revision control of 
journal articles and books.

Redmine supports self registration.  Once a contributor is set up with a 
project then the overhead of user administration can be, in large 
measure, left to the individual contributor to manage.  A contributor, 
as a project "manager", can grant specific capabilities to individual 
collaborators.  A contributor can even set up sub-projects beneath their 
main one.  This can be all accomplished without having to burden the 
host organization with very much administrative detail.

Redmine's presentation is css based so that producing a customized skin 
should be well within the capability and budget of even a very small 
outfit.  With judicious configuration of Apache each project can be 
reached by a distinct URL like project1.institute.org.

Given what you have revealed about your desire I think that it would be 
worth your time to look at Redmine in this light.

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