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Tue Feb 24 09:35:41 EST 2009

Stephen Eley wrote:

> What can you learn from that?  Taken in isolation, without knowing
> anything more, could you compute the value of the Web site to the
> organization?  Could you tell me what the feature count is likely to
> be?

I do not know what the actual feature count and scenario count is for 
any type of project of any scale at present.  Nor is my question 
intended to answer what the likely feature/scenario count of any project 
is likely to be.  However, I do think that getting some initial data 
will, in itself, lead to refinements in the approach to the question.  I 
believe that this concept is essence of agile development is it not?

In addition to the counts I asked for the nature of the project as well. 
A social network project with 40 features, 200 scenarios and 100sK/100 
total / concurrent users can be considered in a different light than one 
with 400 features, 8000 scenarios, 50 total and 15 concurrent users; if 
the second one happens to be a manufacturing process control system.

The question of value to the organization is not one that I raise and is 
in any case irrelevant.  It may be assumed that any project that is 
funded represents some value to someone in the sponsoring enterprise. 
Whether it actually would provide any material benefit to the 
organization as whole is a question which is frequently left unasked and 
unanswered in my experience.  Which, before you ask, involves computer 
systems design and development at several very large multinational 
corporations. (Which is the main reason that I now do what I do where I 

To get back to the initial question, I am only looking for a few 
primitive metrics regarding scope and scale to get a sense of how 
features/scenarios counts relate to specific projects. Doubtless, there 
are better questions to ask.  Perhaps the number of models, the expected 
number of rows, the anticipated number of transactions per day would all 
provide better insight.  But, other than counting the number of models, 
this information requires a deal more effort than counting the number of 
features and scenarios one has, estimating how much of ones code base is 
covered by them, guessing how many concurrent users you are expected to 
support and outlining the basic nature of the project.  Or, so I 
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