[rspec-users] Cucumber Feature Scenario critique

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Mon Feb 23 13:10:07 EST 2009

Andrew Premdas wrote:

> n.b. I'm expressing my opinions forcefully without much regard to tact 
> or diplomacy. No offense in any way is intended :)
None taken.  I am trying, desperately, to move from one way of thinking 
to another.  I expect it to be a painful process.

I am afraid the way that I express myself when reflecting on problems of 
interpretation and understanding is somewhat different than what I do 
with the client.  Of course, sometimes I just have to fill in for the 
client. That is just one of the facts of life I need deal with.

You can interchange "ephemeral" (my word) for "transient", episodic", 
"recurring" or "intermittent" according to taste but the idea is the 
same.  The legal "person" endures, and their history is maintained, even 
though periodically we do not legally represent them.  If and when an 
entity restores the client relationship then the entity nonetheless 
remains the same and their prior history is continued into the new 
period of service.

The ticket for this item reads:


Provide an interactive UI to add a client role to an entity and to 
terminate an existing client role. Roles are conceived as "episodic" in 
nature so that it should be possible to view the "history" of entity's 
periods as a client.

The feature set for this (so far) is limited to the following:

# An Entity is a model of anything that has
# separate legal existance and standing for
# the purposes of contract law

Feature: Identify those entities that are clients
  In order to identify our clients
  An accounting user
  Should be able to assign an active client role to an existing entity
  To Increase Revenue

  Scenario: client role link is available from entities page
    Given I have a user named "auth_user"
      And the user named "auth_user" authenticates
      And the user named "auth_user" is authorized to "list" "entities"
      And I have an entity named "A Future Client"
      And the entity named "A Future Client" is not a client
    When they visit the entities page
    Then they should see an entity named "A Future Client"
      And the entity named "A Future Client" should have an add client 

Hardly controversial stuff so far, I should think.  Of course, I have 
been wrong before...

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