[rspec-users] Cucumber Feature Scenario critique

James Byrne lists at ruby-forum.com
Fri Feb 20 23:33:06 EST 2009

Stephen Eley wrote:

> Well...  In my opinion, yes and no.  I personally have my doubts about
> the 'waterfall' chain of serial projects you're talking about here.
> "We will do authorization.  Then we will do admin screens.  Then we
> will..."  

Perhaps I expressed myself poorly, or perhaps I am missing something 
fundamental in your commentary.  I did not mean to imply that an 
authorization system had to be "finished", and then record maintenance 
system "done", before getting into the interesting bits.  I only meant 
that having tried to start in the middle, with the interesting bits 
insofar as the client is concerned, I quickly discovered that some 
minimal provision for authentication and record maintenance seemed a 
prerequisite to support work on the middle.

For some reason I seem to have an aversion to using fixtures for this 
purpose and prefer some sort of interactive UI, however primitive.  For 
instance this is my authorization implementation:

  def authorized?(auth_request={})
    #myrole = auth_request[:role]
    #myctlr = auth_request[:controller]
    #myactn = auth_request[:action]
    return true if self.administrator
    return false

I did not spend very much time or effort on this but it seemed best to 
provide the authorization interface when working on user facing 
components.  The future elaboration of the authorization system will 
nonetheless still present the same interface to the rest of the system, 
or so I intend.

What I am grasping at understanding is how elaborate the feature files 
should be and how the interrelationship between features are best 
managed or expressed.
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