[rspec-users] Cucumber + Webrat + Selenium + ActionMailer

Raimond Garcia lists at ruby-forum.com
Thu Feb 19 05:25:27 EST 2009

Thanks guys, very interesting points.

As a good collegue of mine says, its all about trade offs :)

I agree with changing your production code to make it more testable, 
definitely, especially early on in the development process, once your 
site is up and running it would have to be done with extra care,
we don't wanna be sending hundreds of emails accidentally, and I must 
confess I can unfortunately relate, even though it was a team effort to 
achieve it :) Thus I'm happy you mentioned Duncan Beevers blog post, 
Steve, cheers.  I'll definitely recommend it as a precaution tool to the 

For my particular situation ARMailer sounds just like what we need to 
get the build passing again, and will certainly shot out a couple of 
emails from the staging server to make sure emails are actually being 

>"Er...  Selenium?  Are you automating the browser to check your
>Gmail or something...?"

Well this might sound like a crazy idea... but I admit that I've 
discussed this before with my team, and concluded that, without 
including speed limit constraints, it was the most thorough way of 
testing our signup and confirmation system :)

Thanks again for all your help!



P.S. I'll follow up with a confirmation post just to let the people know 
how it worked out for us with ARMailer.
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