[rspec-users] [cucumber] can't use 'visit' except with `rake features`

r_j_h_box-sf at yahoo.com r_j_h_box-sf at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 15 17:19:23 EST 2009

I ported some stories from restful_authentication so that they can use cucumber, and it worked fine in `rake features`.

Now when I try to run under autospec or `cucumber features`, I'm getting failures with undefined method `get'.  When I change 'get' to 'visit', same symptom (undefined method `visit'), but I'm getting other issues (redirects not being detected or issued) when running in rake.

I can't see that I'm doing anything out of the ordinary.  I have require "webrat/rails" in my support/env.rb, along with... well, here's my env.rb:


Anybody have ideas what could be going on here?



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