[rspec-users] Celerity and Webrat (using them together, Benchmarks, same API?)

Joaquin Rivera Padron joahking at gmail.com
Sun Feb 15 07:09:47 EST 2009

hey there,
I've been using Cucumber + Webrat for a while. The time has come to spec Js
and Ajax, so I've been playing around with celerity features (with culerity
until now).

1. How usefull would be to have a common API between Webrat and Celerity?

I found usefull to translate webrat steps painless with:
# step with typical webrat API
When /I follow link (.+)/ do |link|
   visits path_to(link)

# turn it into this, in steps/common_celerity.rb
When /I follow link (.+)/ do |link|
   visits path_to(link)

# trying to retain a single API Webrat-like when using Celerity
def visits(link)

2. benchmarking webrat vs celerity and any other.

Also have notice that culerity goes slower than webrat,  are there any
benchmarks about it? (I'll try to put up some of those later) are you
noticing this also? or is it just me?

actually $ top shows some defunkt java processes but dont know whos
responsible culerity, celerity, jruby or my bad installation :-)

3. Is it posible (I know it is CodeCowboy) to use them both together in same
feature run and say something like:

# in some feature file been able to say cucumber to  use only webrat
:webrat => true
Scenario running this step with webrat should save my time
Given ...

would that be doing the feature "too low level" at the eyes of the client?
(should the :webrat => true part be moved to some other place?)

if the living together webrat and celerity would pass as valid, then my
latter implementation of the steps in point 1 (and every step run I guess)
would have to make cucumber recognize which of the Webrat::visits or
Celerity::visits (or any other) is to be called

what do you think? does that make sense? I'll come back with more later...

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