[rspec-users] how to write complex matchers

Yury Kotlyarov yura at brainhouse.ru
Sun Feb 15 01:18:34 EST 2009

Phlip wrote:
> Yury Kotlyarov wrote:
>>>>>> http://github.com/yura/howto-rspec-custom-matchers/
>> The project aims to encourage feedback on the best practices of 
>> creating custom expectation matchers and specs for them.
>> Does it make sense?
> That just says it's a "project".
> One git clone later... It is a Rails 2.3.0 website!
> TX; I will now go spelunking down inside it for a while. Wish me luck! 
> (-;

Yes, rails 2.3 app is just an environment to custom matchers 
spec'ing/development. You can clone the git repo and just `rake spec` to 
see my issues...

Those matchers (spec/lib/custom_ui_matchers/*) will be used in my real 
project tho. But I still have minor issues which are listed in Open 
questions section. Comments/remarks on the specs/code/etc are welcome!

Good luck!

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