[rspec-users] how to write complex matchers

Yury Kotlyarov yura at brainhouse.ru
Sat Feb 14 16:55:42 EST 2009

Phlip wrote:
> Yury Kotlyarov wrote:
>> The major problem is fixed: 
>> http://github.com/yura/howto-rspec-custom-matchers/
> Apologies if I missed something, but is that a howto or a library? Do 
> I git it and run it to ... learn to customize matchers?

RSpec is a library  ;-) And I have some issues with writing custom 
matchers using rspec. Now I fixed my major showstopper but still have 
open questions in the README.rdoc. Of course I hope this project will 
help others to avoid issues I faced.

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