[rspec-users] exemplary way to show a list is sorted?

James Byrne lists at ruby-forum.com
Thu Feb 12 10:25:34 EST 2009

Pat Maddox wrote:

> You are completely out of line even suggesting that David is selfish
> or unprofessional.  Do you have any clue how many changes he HASN'T
> made because it would break backwards compatibility?  How much effort
> goes into sensibly deprecating stuff?  The work he does to keep RSpec
> working with old versions of Rails (only very recently *announcing*
> discontinued support of 1.2.x), as well as consistently keeping it
> working with edge Rails even with all of its internal breakage.

I did not believe that what I understood from the choice of words used 
with respect to removing part of the RSpec API could be correct and so I 
asked whether or not I was mistaken.  Evidently because of my phrasing 
this was somehow turned into a slur on the people who work on RSpec.  I 
regret that but no insult was intended, it was just a statement of how I 
understood what I had just read incorporated with a request to have my 
interpretation corrected.  If this had been raised in person and not via 
email I venture that my question would have been answered directly and 
without rancor.

The initial response that I received from Mr. Dennis was uncalled for. 
It would have been enough to say that there exists a compelling 
technical reason to remove the item.  It would have been useful to 
outline briefly what that technical reason was.  Bear in mind please 
that those outside of the inner circle of contributors generally are not 
conversant with all of the issues facing a project.  We nonetheless may 
possess reasonable concerns with respect to its future development.

I am well aware that Rails is a moving target and that Ruby is about to 
go through the convulsions that will accompany the move to 1.9/2.x in 
the near future.  I expect that in consequence a vast amount of software 
presently in use will either have to be revised extensively or 
abandoned. I am not dogmatic about backwards compatibly.  On the other 
hand, I also have first hand experience with OSS projects where 
backwards compatibility appeared inconsequential.

Instead of advising people who raise issues like this to go fork their 
own project, perhaps a brief statement as to why the action is deemed 
appropriate might be better.  Compare the response from Mr. Dennis to 
that from Mr. Chelimsky.

You may now have the last word.

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