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Hi everyone


I am trying to run the CS examples using Iron ruby/ cucumber from the
download and have hit a really irritating snag 


I have added a subtract method to the CS calculator - Re compiled -
Added a features file for it and when I run I get the following 


  Scenario: subtract two numbers                 #


    Given I have entered 70 into the calculator

    And I have entered 50 into the calculator

    When I press subtract

    Then the result should be 20 on the screen

    And the result class should be Fixnum


    |input_1|input_2|button  |output|class |

    |30     |20     |subtract|10    |


      expected: 0,

           got: 10 (using ==)


      @@ -1,2 +1,2 @@


      +10 (Spec::Expectations::ExpectationNotMetError)

      features/subtraction.feature:15:in `/the result should be (.*) on
the scre



As you can see the calculator returns the right number (10) but somehow
the features file is expecting 0??? Even though I have defined 10 as the

Can anyone help me - I'm doing my head in 

Below is the subtract method from the steps file and the result compare


When /I press subtract/ do

  @result = @calc.Subtract



Then /the result should be (.*) on the screen/ do |result|

  @result.should == result.to_i






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