[rspec-users] Best way of writing fetaures for a wizard

Lucas Florio lucasefe at gmail.com
Wed Feb 11 04:38:19 EST 2009

Hi everyone, I am Lucas and I am starting to use cucumber in project.

I need to write  a scenario that is little bit complex.

Lets suppose I have a Thing and then I need to advance that Thing through 4
stages (something like 'import', 'validation', 'authorization', 'export').
Every stage is a special action/post/request with different outcomes, but
the presentation is the same every time, just changing a few labels and
But the problem is that for the user/customer this process is named
"Authorization". He doesn't care about the stages.

What I mean is that the customer only sees one scenario, while I see 4.
What Is the proper way to do this kind of multi-action/complex-process?

Well, any thoughts we'll be very appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
Lucas Florio
Personal: http://www.lucasefe.com.ar/
Development: http://www.drivendevelopment.com.ar/
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