[rspec-users] RSpec Testing ActiveRecord config dependency.

James Byrne lists at ruby-forum.com
Mon Feb 9 17:23:21 EST 2009

James Byrne wrote:

> It seems that I am not overriding the AR:BASE.default_timezone setting 
> since, as far as I can tell, the values stored are the same whatever 
> value I set the default_tz to.

Well, after a very frustrating afternoon I have finally uncovered what 
is going on.  The problem I had is that I did not consider that 
AR::Base.default_timezone is used both in and out.  The display of 
datetime values retrieved via AR is adjusted according to the 
default_timezone setting at the time of retrieval and is not based on 
any TZ value stored in the database.

In my test setup I created rows with the tz value set to :utc and then 
:local.  However, when I ran the tests then I did not bother to reset 
the tz appropriately for each test. Thus the display of the data was 
adjusted by AR and confused the hell out of me.

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