[rspec-users] Fixjour and others

Jay Levitt lists-rspec at shopwatch.org
Sat Feb 7 11:16:18 EST 2009

Scott Taylor wrote:
 > [
> "So my main objective with fixjour is to have the simplest 
> implementation possible, with a very simple API. So it will create the 
> following methods: new_[model], create_[model], and 
> valid_[model]_attributes."

This seems to be an anti-pattern in the Rails community:

"I can't follow Library X, so I'll write Library Y, which is lightweight and 
obeys YAGNI, and is the simplest possible implementation."

I confess: I've done it too.  But it's nearly always the wrong approach.  If 
you can't follow Library X's *implementation*, but you agree with its 
*philosophies*, refactor it!

Competing libraries should have different goals, different purposes, 
different anything other than just "cleaner code".  If Merb can refactor 
itself into Rails, you can do it with fixtures, authentication, file 
attachments, or what have you.  As easy as Github makes forking, the choice 
of libraries should no longer be driven by "this one was updated most 
recently" or "this one uses the most recent design idioms".

As someone wrote recently: The minute you start coding, you're writing 
legacy code.

Jay Levitt

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