[rspec-users] [OT] Object Mother vs Test Data Builder (was Jay Fields' blog on developer testing)

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Fri Feb 6 12:17:10 EST 2009

Pat Maddox wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 5, 2009 at 8:17 AM, Ben Mabey <ben at benmabey.com> wrote:
>> Any thoughts?  Are Ruby's Object Mothers really Test Data Builders?
> Here's what I think is important:
> * Make fixture setup explicit by inlining it on a per example/group 
> basis
> * Keep fixture setup short by hiding the object graph construction
> * Allow concise parameterization of the fixture objects
> * Focus 100% on structure (0% on behavior) in methods/objects to build
> your data.  This minimizes accidental coupling between examples.

Jay's blog post finally got me inspired in using RSpec. I decided to 
give a last chance at it, and I wrote my own "Factory framework" after 
failing at using Machinist effectively and seeing the pain to maintain 

Now I fully enjoy specing my models, and all my tests are 
straightforward as each test has its own "setup", it's definitely not 
dry but I don't care, it is so much easier to maintain so much easier to 
spot any bugs in the specs themselves and it happens a lot. Each model 
has a dedicated prepopulated before(:each) describe section were setup 
is "shared" by many examples, it's usually used to test my custom find 
methods were many models are part of the equation.

Specing Models heavily like I now do, also forces me to refactor my app 
to transfer as much mogic as I can from the controllers to the models. 
You can't imagine how much code actually fits in the model, it's 
amazing, some of my controllers wen't down by 50% and it enabled me to 
spec effectively the models which I couldn't do until now.

The next big step will be specing controllers, as it is more painful 
than models, but now that my controllers are ripped I guess it will be 

Also I am already seeing some specs that are not efficient, refactoring 
specs is a compulsory task, so experiment different patterns as Jay 
proposes in his blog.
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