[rspec-users] [OT] Object Mother vs Test Data Builder (was Jay Fields' blog on developer testing)

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Thu Feb 5 11:17:14 EST 2009

David Chelimsky wrote:
> I highly recommend this blog post by Jay Fields:
> http://blog.jayfields.com/2009/02/thoughts-on-developer-testing.html
> Cheers,
> David
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Great post.  Very down to earth and realistic.

This post raised a question for me.  Jay talks about how the pattern 
Object Mother gave way to Test Data Builders.  I use Fixjour ("Word to 
your object mother")[1], and other similar projects in my apps to 
provide a set of sane default attributes for my models.  You can then 
easily override those defaults by passing in a hash with the values that 
you need for the test.  After reading Nat's post about Object Mother vs 
Test Data Builders[2] , I have come to the conclusion that the "Object 
Mother" libs that are popular in ruby land (i.e. Fixjour, Factory Girl) 
are really more in line with the Test Data Builder pattern.  Does 
everyone agree with this conclusion or am I missing something?  It may 
be that I just use it differently, but according to Nat's post Test 
Builders provide a sane set of defaults that you can then explicitly 
override like so:

Invoice invoiceWithNoPostcode = new InvoiceBuilder()
    .withRecipient(new RecipientBuilder()
        .withAddress(new AddressBuilder()

Well.. this looks a lot like what I do in Ruby (but a lot more verbose):

invoice_with_no_postcode = new_invoice(:recipient => 
new_recipient(:address => new_address(:postcode => nil)))

Nat points out that problems with Object Mother arise when people start 
adding factory methods to deal with the edge cases, such as 
ObjectMother.new_invoice_with_no_postal_code.  I totally agree that this 
would be a problem since such abstraction results in hard to follow 
tests (this is why I hate fixtures actually).  From the projects I have 
worked on I haven't seen the Object Mother libs abused this way and they 
are used more like a Test Data Builder.  The only difference I see is in 
implementation, meaning the ruby libs tend to group all the factory 
methods on one object or module just like Object Mother, while the 
pattern Nat describes uses a separate builder class for each object.  I 
think this is really just details though and results from Ruby's 
differences from Java.

Any thoughts?  Are Ruby's Object Mothers really Test Data Builders?


1. http://github.com/nakajima/fixjour/tree/master
2. http://nat.truemesh.com/archives/000714.html

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