[rspec-users] MyModel.stub!l works in 1.1.11 but fails in 1.1.12

Brad brad.forsyth at inspire2go.com
Wed Feb 4 20:42:12 EST 2009

I have a controller spec that works find with Rails 2.2.2 and Rspec-
Rails 1.1.11.  The code is:

  @activity=mock_model(Activity, :id => 7)

When I update to 1.1.12

ArgumentError in 'ActivitiesController' wrong number of arguments (2
for 1)

For some reason the file
  rspec-1.1.12/lib/spec/mocks/proxy.rb at line 149
149        return @target.respond_to?(sym, true)

is attempting to send two arguments. Rspec 1.1.11 did not have the
second argument ('true').  What is going on here?

Any help appreciated.


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