[rspec-users] [Cucumber] How Do You Use Cucumber?

s.ross cwdinfo at gmail.com
Tue Feb 3 12:42:47 EST 2009

I'm using Cucumber on my current project and it's causing me to wonder  
what other people's experience has been. I've read discussions about  
speeding up Cucumber and a basically everything else I can. Also, the  
rSpec book is articulate on the subject. What I'm curious about is  
whether a survey like this (in your opinions) would add useful  

Survey: How You Use Cucumber

Do you:

- Write failing steps first, then make them pass?
- Use mocks/stubs?
- Hit the database exactly as the application would or do you cache  
intermediate results?
- Run:
   - Single scenarios instead of a whole feature
   - Individual features instead of single scenarios
   - All features instead of individual scenarios
   - Negative as well as positive scenarios
- Use the helpful snippets for pending steps
- Still use rSpec controller or view specs
- Write features, then refactor parts out into shared steps later
- Use the Textmate bundle
- Run Cucumber all the time when developing controllers/views
- Only run Cucumber for integration tests
- Use an imperative or declarative style to describe scenarios
- Ever include substitutable elements for readability that aren't used  
(i.e., /"(.*)" looks at his watch/ do |user| # user not referenced in  

I'm happy to put a survey out there on whatever survey site people  
think is good once I have a good set of questions if there is interest  
and then tabulate the results.

Good idea? Repetitive? Comments?



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