[rspec-users] resource urls only work *after* a get() in controller spec

Matt Wynne matt at mattwynne.net
Mon Feb 2 03:09:49 EST 2009

On 2 Feb 2009, at 06:18, r_j_h_box-sf at yahoo.com wrote:

> Okay, following up on this item.  Would you believe a workaround of
> (gasp) get :index, prior to expecting route-based URLs to work?   
> (slaps

That's what I was going to suggest. We have all our routing tests in a  
separate file (away from the controllers) and this what we do there.

> forehead).  or do_action(), provided by the host example group (the
> more concrete example group, I mean - what's the right terminology
> there?).

This is another approach that can work too. We call it #do_request.

You can override helper methods like this as you go into describe  
blocks so you can have a very basic on the outside level and  
specialise it as you get into more detail.

> \
> tried reproducing the stuff I saw being done in
> action_controller/test_process.rb up to the point where the resource
> url function started working, but when I did that (setting up the
> controller name and action, essentially), I wasn't getting it to work,
> but I ran out of time budget for fooling with it.
> If anyone thinks of a better way, I'm all ears.
> Until then,
> Randy
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>> in controller spec
>> thanks, Ben - that didn't do the trick, though.
>> I traced it down as far as this:
>> the controller hasn't initialized its current url - that's the  
>> immediate cause
>> of the method-on-nil complaint.  It hasn't, because the controller  
>> isn't
>> technically handling a request yet (i.e., process()).  I tried  
>> monkey-patching
>> the controller to allow me to call its initialize_current_url to  
>> get around
>> this, but I didn't (yet) find how to fake up its request and params  
>> sufficiently
>> to have that work.
>> Understandably, the controller can't know what the current url is,  
>> unless
>> rpsec-rails were to have a way to discover it from the example  
>> group.  I'm not
>> sure that I'm proposing a change to a declarative style for  
>> controller actions -
>> for my purpose, I'd be satisfied to fake it to think 'index' is the  
>> current url
>> (in advance of processing the real request as specified by get()  
>> and friends).
>> Hopefully this rings enough bells to make a workaround self-evident  
>> to
>> somebody.  Anybody?  Else I'll see what I can dig up from the rspec/ 
>> rspec-rails
>> source that can be enough of a resource.
>> Thanks,
>> Randy
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>>> Subject: Re: [rspec-users] resource urls only work *after* a get()  
>>> in
>> controller spec
>>> r_j_h_box-sf at yahoo.com wrote:
>>>> I'm encountering an interesting symptom during example  
>>>> execution.  I'm
>>>> making a shared example group that dries up belongs-to-me  
>>>> before_filter
>>>> testing, and it makes a callback to the example group that says
>>>> it_should_behave_like that.  The callback tells the shared example
>>>> where to expect a redirect for failure.
>>>> It seems that prior to
>>>> executing a get() (etc), the resource-based url functions aren't
>>>> accessible.  Following the get(), topics_url works fine.  But  
>>>> before
>>>> then, it gives an error like this:
>>>> http://pastie.org/376096
>>>> Is
>>>> this a known issue?  Is there a workaround I can use?
>>> For a workaround try doing a "include ActionController::UrlWriter"  
>>> in your
>>> shared example group.
>>> -Ben
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