[rspec-users] 'Expected NoMethodError, got NameError'

Paul Hinze paul.t.hinze at gmail.com
Wed Dec 30 16:04:46 EST 2009

Given this simple cucumber feature (related to another rspec bug I am
working on):


I'm fighting with this error messages that _only_ shows up in certain
situations that I can't quite pin down (rake features breaks, individual
cucumber run works, rake with debugger beforehand works...)

> expected NoMethodError, got #<NameError: undefined local variable or method `nap' for Time:Class
> ./features/step_definitions/stubs_dont_leak_steps.rb:10:in `/^nap time should not be defined$/'
> features/either/stubs_dont_leak.feature:11:in `Then nap time should not be defined'

I've tracked it down to this line: 


  def message_received(sym, *args, &block)
    expectation = find_matching_expectation(sym, *args)
    stub = find_matching_method_stub(sym, *args)

    if (stub && expectation && expectation.called_max_times?) || (stub && !expectation)
      if expectation = find_almost_matching_expectation(sym, *args)
        expectation.advise(args, block) unless expectation.expected_messages_received?
      stub.invoke(*args, &block)
    elsif expectation
      expectation.invoke(*args, &block)
    elsif expectation = find_almost_matching_expectation(sym, *args)
      expectation.advise(args, block) if null_object? unless expectation.expected_messages_received?
      raise_unexpected_message_args_error(expectation, *args) unless (has_negative_expectation?(sym) or null_object?)
-->   @target.__send__ :method_missing, sym, *args, &block

My question is this... why do we fall back to method_missing here rather
than a simple 'send' to the target?  I figure there is likely a reason,
so if someone could help me understand I'll happily open up my
expectation to should_raise(NameError) and move along. :)



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