[rspec-users] Spec time reporting precision

Ronald Chaplin t73net at t73.biz
Wed Dec 30 07:20:57 EST 2009

Hey all,
So I woke up early this morning, and was running some tests through
autospec, and it returned a time as follows:

Finished in 0.0151600000000001 seconds

I know that there are alot of other more important issues being
addressed right now for the rspec project, (2.0 for Rails 3.0). However,
do we really need this level of precision for spec tests? I know that
it's nice to see if your refactoring made any changes in overall
performance. But do we really need it carried out to 16 decimal places?
Just seems like over kill to me.

One solution I had thought about was simply having a boolean switch
option for rspec called precise, wherein it would print shortened, less
precise times for those who wanted it. I'd even be willing to do the leg
work/patches for it if this doesn't seem like a crazy idea.

Just  self.trying_to + something.useful?

Ronald Chaplin <t73net at t73.biz>
T73 Biz

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