[rspec-users] What does as_null_object do?

Ronald Chaplin t73net at t73.biz
Wed Dec 23 16:44:29 EST 2009

So I'm going through the rspec book right now, and get to page 72, as it
introduces Spec::Mocks::Methods#as_null_object . In the book, it doesn't
describe how it operates, or much detail about it other than it tells to
expect certain data, and ignore the rest.

ri Spec::Mocks::Methods#as_null_object simply states "no definition".???

So, does anyone else have some more info on this? What is it, what's
it's total useage? what can I cook with it? Can I bbq it? What exactly?

Ronald Chaplin <t73net at t73.biz>
T73 Biz

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