[rspec-users] Spec'ing Inherited Resource Controllers

Juanma Cervera lists at ruby-forum.com
Thu Dec 24 02:45:39 EST 2009


I am trying to write the specs for controllers that use
Can somebody tell me if this is possible?
I have read that I have to use integrated_views, but even in that case
it doesn't work.
I have posted a message in the InheritedResources group and Jose Valim,
has answered, telling something about responders used in
InheritedResources and Rails 3.

This is the link for the message in that group.

The sample specs are written with Remarkable (only for give a shorter
example), but the problems are the same when I write specs like in the
Rspec book.
response.should redirect_to(path)
and response.should render_template("new") both fails.

I would thank anybody that could give me some clue for a solution that I
could try.
And a question, which is the state of rspec with Rails 3?
Is this going to change and I have to pospone the use of rspec with
InheritedResource until then?

Thank you very much.
Juan M. Cervera
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