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Matt Wynne matt at mattwynne.net
Fri Dec 11 21:53:54 EST 2009

Let's move this bit of the discussion over to the cukes mailing list.  
Are you on that list Ed?

On 11 Dec 2009, at 22:29, Ed Howland wrote:
> BTW, does Cuke's wire protocol allow for a mixture of Ruby side and
> SUT side step definitions?

Yes. With Cucumber you can implement steps in a mixture of any of the  
supported languages, including Ruby code, and any number of wire  

>>> BTW, anyone working on a Cuke4PHP?
>> That's the first time I've heard anyone even suggest it :) I'd be  
>> happy to
>> collaborate with someone if they wanted some help with that.
> I seriously need this. And am willing to help. Currently we are using
> Cuke+Webrat+Mechanize to test only the web facing surface of the app.
> But to get things like 'Given I have a user named "Ted" with password
> "Secret"'  to work and insert into the legacy DB is tricky. If that
> step could execute on the PHP side, life would be sweet!

The protocol is documented in the features here:

Richard Lawrence has written the reference implementation of a server  
in .NET:

The great thing about how Richard has implemented his server is he's  
written end-to-end tests (in cucumber) that make sure the whole thing  
works. See for example

> AFAIK, there seems to be simple REST servers in at least .Net and PHP.
> Fitzgerald for PHP and just using IIS and writing handlers in .Net.

That's great, but we don't use REST for cucumber's wire protocol as I  
explained. Dragging the might of IIS around in order to test a  
winforms app, for example, would be pretty bonkers IMO.


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