[rspec-users] Autospec is running the full suite too often

DEfusion david.spurr at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 17:28:10 EST 2009

This is a problem I experience quite a bit:

1) Create a spec and outline all the examples (as not yet implemented)
2) Write the body of a example
3) Autospec runs spec -> fail
4) Make that example pass
5) Autospec runs spec -> pass
6) Autospec then runs the entire test suite again
7) Goto 2 (but now wait for entire suite to finish) before repeating

This is a little annoying especially when you get to the point of tens
of specs and hundreds of examples.

I seem to remember back when I was using Autotest you could limit how
often it re-runs the full test suite in these circumstances, but I've
not being able to find the options nor anything for Autospec.


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