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Ed Howland ed.howland at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 19:09:25 EST 2009


I was facinated to read the email thread on Cuke's wire protoccol. You guys
collaborated well.

I have been working on my own to develop a similar protocol for RSpec. It is
totally external to RSpec right now and very primitive.

Whereas with Cucumber, the step definitions are run on some other language's
server, my protocol executes all the code in Ruby in the "it" blocks and
proxies objects and method calls to a server.  Currently the protocol is
CGIish+XML. The current server is PHP but could be anything like .Net.

In the next iteration, I plan to use REST+JSON sort of like CounchDB or
CounchREST. With REST you get all the error checking/responses with all the
simplicity of the existing HTTP protocol, My first version used
ActiveResource but there are other REST clients for Ruby, And JSON you
already know.

It seemed to me that part of your discussion revolved around encoding the
protocol in JSON or externally. Did you consider REST. Did you reject it
because of performance?

If anyone has any thoughts on this, I'd be interested.

Should we :
o continue to use web proxies for objects and method calls?
o -or- switch to running the matchers (should ==, etc.) over the wire
protocol, more like cucumber?

Thanks and great work,
BTW, anyone working on a Cuke4PHP?

On Mon, Nov 9, 2009 at 5:03 PM, Matt Wynne <matt at mattwynne.net> wrote:

> On 6 Nov 2009, at 12:49, David Chelimsky wrote:
>> [3]
> http://github.com/aslakhellesoy/cucumber/blob/master/features/wire_protocol.feature
> I'm well behind this effort and would like to offer my help on the Cucumber
> end to make it possible to use the features to generate the user
> documentation - I think this would make a terrific use case for us to
> support.
> cheers,
> Matt
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