[rspec-users] arbitrary handling of received messages in mocks

Chuck Remes cremes.devlist at mac.com
Tue Aug 25 15:59:33 EDT 2009

I am trying to process a message sent to a mock to verify it contains  
the correct keys. In my case I am sending a JSON string to the mock  
built from data passed in via the test. The object internally builds a  
hash and then constructs the JSON string from it.

I can't get my mock to fail though. Here's an example similar to what  
I've got.

describe Foo
   it "should match the json string" do
     # setup stubs & mocks
     hsh = ... # keys and values used inside the method
     @api.should_receive(:publish_to_bus) do |message|
       false # should always fail

     Foo.new(@api).decode hsh

The documentation says the expectation passes or fails based upon the  
return value of the block. I can't even force it to fail by returning  
false. Once I figure this out, I plan to decode the JSON string in the  
mock block and compare the resulting collection with the data I  
originally passed in to the object. This behavior will likely become a  
helper method (if that matters).

What am I doing wrong?

rspec 1.2.8
ruby 1.8.6 patch 287, Windows
Running under Netbeans 6.7.1

Thank you for your help.


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