[rspec-users] BDD for C#?

Brandon Olivares programmer2188 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 26 12:04:51 EDT 2009

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> Brandon Olivares wrote:
> > I know this is slightly off topic, but I'm having trouble finding
> > something,
> > and wondered if anyone here had experience with any BDD frameworks
> > for C#.
> Why not replicate Cucumber in C#?
> Not port or link, replicate. It's only like ~10 features, right? I
> don't know
> C#, but I could do it in C++ in a couple days.

I'm not sure I'd be interested in that. I mean I'm creating a GUI
application, so I'm not really sure how Cucumber could work with that.

Well to be more specific, I'm creating a game for blind people, so it's
purely sound output and keyboard control. But either way I don't see how
Cucumber could work with it.

More interested in RSpec for testing the logic. Though I am curious if you
know of some way I could use Cucumber as well.

Right now looking at either nBehave or SpecUnit.NET. I will miss the nested
contexts of RSpec though.


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