[rspec-users] [RSpec] Clarification on using shared_examples_for on a Rails Controller

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Wed Apr 22 15:00:14 EDT 2009

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> From: David Chelimsky <dchelimsky at gmail.com>

> Shared examples don't support parameterization, but macros do. Try
> something like this:
> module Macros
>   def shows_yearly_archive_for(requests={})
>   end
> end
> describe SomeController do
>   extend Macros
>   shows_yearly_archive_for :index => :get
> end

Nice.  This must be newish (I see it in book beta4 - good!).  I'd been using callbacks defined in the example group next to it_should_behave_like() to get any relevant parameters.  A bit icky, I'll admit.  So I can just pass the details from the callback directly to the macro, when I port it/them.  Sweet.

I've been using a pattern for my shared example groups, similar to one I correlate (erroneously?) to a Ben Mabey post.  The original pattern: do_foo(), where foo is get, post, whatever and the shared example probes the calling example group to find which one is relevant.  

My variation is do_action(), where the example group directly defines do_action() in whatever way is suitable to the example group (using instance variables set by before blocks, etc).  This method could be defined usefully by either a Controller example group or a Model example group. 

I feel like even when using macros, I'd want to continue using my do_action() pattern.  But maybe I have a hammer and so I'm looking for a nail.  

Is there another approach that gives different/better value when using macros?



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