[rspec-users] How to get stacktrace for extending Ruby in C

Colfer, Brian bcolfer at shopping.com
Wed Apr 22 13:17:16 EDT 2009

I assume you are working in VisualStudio ... Is it possible to recompile
all of Ruby in this environment? Or is it possible ot recompile your
extension in MingW? 

Sorry to the rest of the group ... This thread should be moved to the
Ruby list.


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Scott Taylor wrote:
> Newb Newb wrote:
>> Hi
>> I extend ruby with C .
>> i get error like segmentation fault when i call my client.rb
>> how can i get the stacktrace ?
> You can use gdb to get a stack trace, as was documented by Mauricio, 
> Jamis, and Why a while back.
> Not sure what this has to do with rspec, though.
> Scott

thanks for the reply..

I m running on  windows..

so is it possible to use gdb on windows..

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