[rspec-users] Problems withe the template...

Alex afolgueras at gmail.com
Wed Apr 22 12:27:19 EDT 2009

Hello everybody !

I have in a view something like this :

<% unless (method_name?(id)) then %>
	<span class="active">
	    <%= link_to h(t(:BTN)), new_url_path(id) %></span>
<% else %>
	<span class="Notactive">
		<%= link_to_function h(t(:BTN)), 'return false;' %>
<% end %>

all of this works well ...

and in my spec I try to do this to go in the else part :

@controller.template.stub!(:get_courtier_expire?).and_return (false)

I tried a lot of combinations like ...


and it does'nt work ... it always goes in the if not in the else
part ... any suggestions ?

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