[rspec-users] Mocking: brittle specs and tight coupling?

Ashley Moran ashley.moran at patchspace.co.uk
Tue Apr 21 16:43:39 EDT 2009

On 12 Apr 2009, at 05:19, Phlip wrote:
> There's a third alternative: Your sliding scale is really a pyramid  
> with a peak.
> The third alternative is you never _need_ to mock, yet both your  
> tests and target code are highly decoupled. _That_ is the goal.
> Under TDD, you get that by avoiding a design smell called "expensive  
> setup". Your scale assumes that something actually must be set up -  
> either mocks, or end-to-end class models. The best tests only need a  
> few stubbed objects, each easy to construct.
> The spaghetti is the design you don't want. The meatball is the  
> design you want. Each chopstick is a simple test, and the angle  
> between the chopsticks represents the _difference_ between the two  
> tests. If each test is simple yet is set up differently, then the  
> simplest code which can pass both simple tests approaches the most  
> elegant design.

Hi Phlip

Sorry for the late reply epicfail.  I've been trying to visualise what  
you mean here.  Can you give me a more concrete example of what you  
mean by "meatball-alone" vs "spaghetti-laden" design?

BTW, as a pretty strict almost-carnivorous grain-avoider, I approve of  
your analogy =)



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