[rspec-users] Appropriate adapter (Rails, Cucumber)

Julian Leviston julian at leviston.net
Mon Apr 20 04:24:56 EDT 2009

Hi All,
I've got a bunch of tests written in cucumber, and they're all  
lovely... this is rails testing i'm doing by the way.... and now I'm  
coming to testing the javascript and AJAX parts of the app... and I've  
decided to plug in selenium... my issue is, I'd like to select which  
adapter to use on a per-scenario basis... is there any easy way to do  
this, and yet still maintain the no-implementation-details in the  
cucumber side type of thing that cucumber encourages...

I mean, basically, I just want it to use the fastest method  
possible.... so for non-ajax/non-js stuff, I'd like it to use the  
default adapter and others I'd like it to use selenium....


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