[rspec-users] Depot app, Demeter's law and troubles cleanly specing

Matt Wynne matt at mattwynne.net
Sun Apr 19 06:51:55 EDT 2009

On 19 Apr 2009, at 11:08, Fernando Perez wrote:

>>   @order.product_titles do |product_title|
>>     <%= product_title %>
>>   end
> Another problem, is that not only do I need the title, but also a
> clickable permalink which uses a url helper (not available to models),
> the product price, and maybe other stuff in the future. So I might end
> up with a nice messy code.

This is where I start to introduce a presenter layer in between the  
view and the models.

If you have a Ruby class anywhere in rails, you can access the auto- 
generated url helpers just by including ActionController::UrlWriter.

class OrderPresenter
   include ActionController::UrlWriter

   def initialize(order)
     @order = order

   def product_titles
     @order.items.map{ |i| i.product.title, product_url(i.product) }

Construct the presenter in the Controller. Then in the view:

@order_presenter.product_titles do |product_title, url|
   <%= link_to product_title, url %>

> For the time being I use delegate, so I traded a dot for an  
> underscore.
> It's easy to spec, and after all, an item only exists in the context  
> of
> an Order, so I think it's fine to break Demeter's 'guideline' and say
> that it's cool that Order knows a little bit stuff about Item's
> internal. However a Product can exist without an Order, so Order  
> doesn't
> need to know anything about Product and vice versa.
> But I'll have to think more about it, because as you said making a
> little change in a model can result in having to fix places that are  
> far
> far away and totoally unexpected.
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