[rspec-users] Custom Example Groups

Brandon Olivares programmer2188 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 19 02:31:43 EDT 2009


I want to build a custom example group, but there really aren't any examples
anywhere for how to do so. The new chapter in The RSpec Book talks about it,
but doesn't actually show an example, only how to register it.

Looking at rspec-rails, I can see a pattern, but I don't know if that's
specific to rspec-rails, or if it is what should be done. In rspec-rails, it

Class << self

Within the class, and all the methods are within that.

So, are there any examples anywhere for how to write an example group?

Also, if I set an instance variable within the example group, will the
matchers specific to that group be able to access it? That'll simplify my
design a bit.


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