[rspec-users] But rspec can not be found

Tom Stuart tom at experthuman.com
Fri Apr 17 09:56:47 EDT 2009

On 17 Apr 2009, at 11:35, David Chelimsky wrote:
> So there is something different about your environment than mine.

Hm, that's weird. Thanks for trying.

> What OS? Ruby version? Versions of rspec/rspec-rails installed on  
> the system?

I'm trying to run everything vendored, so no RSpec (or Rails) gems  

$ gem list rspec
*** LOCAL GEMS ***

$ gem list rails
*** LOCAL GEMS ***

$ gem list acti
*** LOCAL GEMS ***

It's ruby 1.8.6 (stock, AFAIK) on OS X 10.5.6, and rubygems 1.3.2.

Can I git-bisect rspec and rspec-rails independently to try to track  
down the problem, or are there going to be interdependent changes  
between RSpec versions 1.2.0 and 1.2.1?


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