[rspec-users] But rspec can not be found

Tom Stuart tom at experthuman.com
Fri Apr 17 04:45:37 EDT 2009


I've been seeing the below problem since RSpec 1.2.1 on any machine  
that doesn't have the RSpec gems installed. 1.2.0 was fine. I'd hoping  
it would magically go away with later versions but it hasn't; does  
anyone have any clues?


$ git clone git://github.com/rails/rails testapp/vendor/rails
$ cd testapp/vendor/rails; git checkout v2.3.2; cd ../../..

$ ruby testapp/vendor/rails/railties/bin/rails testapp
$ cd testapp
$ ruby script/generate model comment body:text
$ rake db:migrate

$ cd vendor/plugins
$ git clone git://github.com/dchelimsky/rspec.git
$ cd rspec; git checkout 1.2.4; cd ..
$ git clone git://github.com/dchelimsky/rspec-rails.git
$ cd rspec-rails; git checkout 1.2.4; cd ..
$ cd ../..; ruby script/generate rspec

$ rake spec
(in /Users/tom/testapp)
rake aborted!

*  You are trying to run an rspec rake task defined in
*  /Users/tom/testapp/lib/tasks/rspec.rake,
*  but rspec can not be found in vendor/gems, vendor/plugins or system  



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