[rspec-users] Rate my code: refactoring from spec

Fernando Perez lists at ruby-forum.com
Wed Apr 15 12:36:12 EDT 2009


I used to have the following method:

def Paypal.process_ipn(params)
  paypal = create!(params)

That method obviously is not easily specable because of the double dot
method call, and when specing it, it would hit the DB for nothing. I
used to actually spec the associated order status to know if everything
went on well which breaks the isolation of unit tests. Bad bad bad.


So I refactored it as following:

def Paypal.new_from_ipn(params)

So that it doesn't hit the DB when I spec the method, and specing the
method can now be done in isolation, as I only set some values returned
by IPN to something more compliant with my DB storage and then in the
controller that calls this method:

paypal = Paypal.new_from_ipn(params)
paypal.update_order if paypal.save!

So the paypal instance still gets saved, but instead of getting saved in
the model it occurs in the controller, no big deal. Also I added a new
instance method to Paypal class to abid to Demeter's law:

def update_order

But now I am wondering how to spec this instance method, I thought of
the following:

it "should update the associated order" do
  @paypal = Paypal.new(:payment_status => 'Completed')
  @order = @paypal.order


Is that spec acceptable? I mean I am not sure about the following two

@order = @paypal.order

I thought about this other solution which is slightly more complicated:
 @order = Order.new
  @paypal = Paypal.new(:payment_status => 'Completed')

So which is best?

And what do you think of my refactoring and my new specs? Did I improve
the code or is it just crap?
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