[rspec-users] Reuse of Cucumber Features

Kero van Gelder kero at chello.nl
Sat Apr 11 07:29:59 EDT 2009

> >> Cucumber could dump in the table data it found from the file, and
> >> print it out when running the scenarios, and it allows some sets of
> >> sample data be re-used easily, in an understandable manner.

If the file is used to unclutter the examples, does printing-when-running

> > This is a good idea - people do this with Fit (as opposed to Fitnesse) and
> > go straight to a spreadsheet for the examples.
> >
> > I don't see why it needs a new Cucumber feature though - you could easily
> > (and more flexibly) write a custom step yourself to load in the data from an
> > external file, right?
> That's true, but why does everyone need to write their file loading
> step/code? It seems like something where flexibility really doesn't
> benefit anyone, unless you are doing something unique and special,
> which I think is different than simply being able to store example
> tables in an external file.

Moreover, reading your own stuff is always possible in normal steps.

Nevertheless, adding something like FromFile: should give real benefits,
and I'm not sure that's the case here. Reading and writing files is 
easy enough (yaml, marshal, comma separated files, ...) without special

Providing data can be done with

Given("Scenario Morning rush hour") {
  Given flight 1234 leaving 08:30
  And flight 2345 leaving 08:32
  And flight 2346 leaving 08:34

in a separate (step definition) file already, no?


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