[rspec-users] Cucumber - Recommended viewing.

Ben Mabey ben at benmabey.com
Sat Apr 11 01:35:45 EDT 2009

Stephen Eley wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 10, 2009 at 8:07 PM, James Byrne <lists at ruby-forum.com> wrote:
>> http://mwrc2009.confreaks.com/14-mar-2009-15-00-bdd-with-cucumber-ben-mabey.html
> Strongly agreed.  I've been watching all of the Mountain West RubyConf
> presentations, and came close to skipping the BDD one, thinking "I've
> been working with this stuff for a few months now, do I really need to
> spend time on one more Cucumber tutorial?"  But as it happened, I
> learned quite a bit -- both in fundamental philosophy, and a few
> syntax tricks I'd never picked up on.
> Great job, Ben!


I also recommend reading/viewing is Joesph's presentation from SoR:


I have been eagerly awaiting the video but I don't think it is online 
yet.  However, there are recorded code demos (minus the sound) in it you 
can watch right now.


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