[rspec-users] Cucover: coverage-aware 'lazy' cucumber runs

Matt Wynne matt at mattwynne.net
Thu Apr 9 21:12:37 EDT 2009

Hi Folks,

This is an idea I've been playing with for some time, and I think I've  
finally it into a shape where it might be useful to other people.

Cucover is a thin wrapper for Cucumber which makes it lazy.

What does it mean for Cucumber to be lazy? It will only run a feature  
if it needs to.

How does it decide whether it needs to run a feature? Every time you  
run a feature using Cucover, it watches the code in your application  
that is executed, and remembers. The next time you run Cucover, it  
skips a feature if the source files (or the feature itself) have not  
been changed since it was last run.

If this sounds useful to you, please take a look, try it out, and let  
me know what you think.



Matt Wynne

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