[rspec-users] [Cucumber] Bug?

Fedor Fomenko lists at ruby-forum.com
Thu Apr 9 08:39:47 EDT 2009


I have the following step for checking that a validation message is
displayed on screen:

Then /^(.+) should be displayed$/ do |error|
  msg = @browser.ul(:class, 'validation-summary-errors').li(:text,
  #pp msg.text
  msg.should_not == nil

I run scenario with examples table which contains expected error
messages. If I put wrong error message and pp line in step is commented
out as shown I get green result from Cucumber, which is wrong. When I
uncomment pp line I get exception

 Unable to locate element, using :text, "BOOOOOOOOOO"
 ./features/step_definitions/customer_details_steps.rb:47:in `/^(.+)
should be displayed$/'
 features/customer_details_full.feature:40:in `Then <Error> should be

And step is shown as Red in Cucumber as it should.

Is this a bug in Cucumber or am I missing something?
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