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> Hi David
> 2009/4/1 David Chelimsky <dchelimsky at gmail.com>:
> >...that if you're
> > proficient in Ruby and you're pairing with a reasonably skilled
> > developer in any C-based language like C Sharp, the language barrier
> > will be fairly small. There are some hoops, like meta-programming,
> > blocks and iterators, but not too many beyond that. I don't mean that
> > to be flippant. Even if the dev has zero experience with these
> > concepts, he really doesn't need to understand them in order to
> > progress if you're pairing.
> >
> When you go to Harversters they ask 'have you been here before?'.
> Maybe not, but I can eat with a knife and fork.
> However, - I will put myself on a limb - some programmers have been
> conditioned by MS on the practices and uses of tools. No intellisense,
> no visual debugger, no static assignment or compilation, a command
> line!*@? Many are just not happy with it.
> Aidy
Aidy, if they need the security blanket of the MS tools and Visual Studio
IDE you could always suggest the Ruby in Steel product from the
SapphireSteel people.   it's not free, but compared to the price of VSTS
it's dirt cheap.

I've been playing with it (because I'm QA in a .net shop) and so far I'm
pretty happy with it.  it's got all the stuff to make those devs comfortable
(debugger, intellisense) even if you most likely don't really need those
things most of the time for working with stuff like Ruby and Watir.  (it's
also got a little IRB console window, which is handy)
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