[rspec-users] RSpec makes me want to write better code

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dammit  me be moron, forgot to edit subject

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>> Hi David
>> 2009/4/1 David Chelimsky <dchelimsky at gmail.com>:
>> >...that if you're
>> > proficient in Ruby and you're pairing with a reasonably skilled
>> > developer in any C-based language like C Sharp, the language barrier
>> > will be fairly small. There are some hoops, like meta-programming,
>> > blocks and iterators, but not too many beyond that. I don't mean that
>> > to be flippant. Even if the dev has zero experience with these
>> > concepts, he really doesn't need to understand them in order to
>> > progress if you're pairing.
>> >
>>  When you go to Harversters they ask 'have you been here before?'.
>> Maybe not, but I can eat with a knife and fork.
>> However, - I will put myself on a limb - some programmers have been
>> conditioned by MS on the practices and uses of tools. No intellisense,
>> no visual debugger, no static assignment or compilation, a command
>> line!*@? Many are just not happy with it.
>> Aidy
> Aidy, if they need the security blanket of the MS tools and Visual Studio
> IDE you could always suggest the Ruby in Steel product from the
> SapphireSteel people.   it's not free, but compared to the price of VSTS
> it's dirt cheap.
> I've been playing with it (because I'm QA in a .net shop) and so far I'm
> pretty happy with it.  it's got all the stuff to make those devs comfortable
> (debugger, intellisense) even if you most likely don't really need those
> things most of the time for working with stuff like Ruby and Watir.  (it's
> also got a little IRB console window, which is handy)
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