[rspec-users] Rspec 1.2.2 unpacking

Peer Allan Peer.Allan at canadadrugs.com
Thu Apr 2 16:12:37 EDT 2009

Hello all,

I am trying to unpack rspec 1.2.2 and rspec-rails 1.2.2 into my application.
I have them included in the test.rb environment file with config.gem options
as described on the Rspec github site.

I can unpack rspec-rails without issue, but when I try to do rspec nothing
happens.  I mean that literally, it does nothing.  No warnings, no errors
and the gem is not in the vendor/gems folder.  I tried running --trace and
it was no help.  

$ rake gems RAILS_ENV=test
 - [R] rspec >= 1.2.0
 - [F] rspec-rails >= 1.2.0
    - [R] rspec = 1.2.2
    - [I] rack >= 0.4.0
$ sudo rake gems:unpack GEM=rspec RAILS_ENV=test --trace
** Invoke gems:unpack (first_time)
** Invoke gems:install (first_time)
** Invoke gems:base (first_time)
** Execute gems:base
** Invoke environment (first_time)
** Execute environment
** Execute gems:install
** Execute gems:unpack
$ ls -l vendor/gems/
total 0
drwxr-xr-x  16 pallan  admin  544  2 Apr 13:05 rspec-rails-1.2.2

Does anyone have any idea how to debug this?


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