[rspec-users] Not seeing an RJS change

Nick Hoffman nick at deadorange.com
Sun Sep 28 23:59:39 EDT 2008

On 2008-09-28, at 17:20, Nick Hoffman wrote:
> 431         it 'should hide the map filter errors <div>' do
> 432           do_xhr @xhr_params
> 433           response.should have_rjs
> 434 #          response.should have_rjs(:hide, 'map-filter-errors')
> 435         end

I just discovered that I need to pass :chained_replace_html to  
#have_rjs , like so:
response.should have_rjs(:chained_replace_html, :hide, 'map-filter- 

However, after googling around and looking through the source for  
#assert_select_rjs , I have no idea what :chained_replace_html does,  
nor why :hide is insufficient. Would someone mind enlightening me?


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